Tuesday, March 21, 2017

About Terpenes for Pain

Legal Worldwide: TrueTerpenes are derived from non-cannabis plants.  

The US Terp Co has Terpenes for pain sufferers.  We provide recommendations for the highest quality, pure Terpenes in profile, edible & isolate form. As innovators in the Terpene space, we conclude- TrueTerpenes offer the best Terpene concentrates.

get ready to Revolutionize YOUR Control 

For Medical Cannabis card holders: 

TerpenesPROFILES customize your experience with a single drop!  Imagine your favorite taste/ aroma/ effect every time. Scientists have concluded it is the TERPENE profile combination that CREATES the 'This is my favorite!' experience. Thanks to modern advances- we have designer Terpene profiles in a highly concentrated form.  By adding 1-3 drops of a designer strain's terpene profile YOU create your favorite experience every time.  

A few ways to use Terpenes:

  • add 3-5 drops to flavor rolling paper
  • add 1-3 drops to flower
  • add 1 drop to CBD oil
  • add 3-4 drops to car aroma-therapy diffuser
  • create your own concentrate with custom terpene isolates!

Click HERE to Learn more about the ENTOURAGE Effect

The US Terp Co. recommends terpenes that are Organic, FDA-Approved, All Natural, Food Safe, Non-GMO, Kosher & 100% Cannabis Free.

Global Sales

TrueTerpenes are legal world wide. Safe to use throughout your corporate digital footprint. Confidently drive global terpene sales. True Terpenes are welcomed everywhere!

Product Quality Certificates of Analysis/ Safety

Certificates of Authority & lab analysis from SCLabs is available on line.  Scroll to the bottom of any product page and click on the links.  
TerpenePROFILES: For example, click HERE to view the SCLab analysis for XJ-13.
TerpeneISOLATES: Profiles are a combination of ISOLATES.  Each isolate has it's own MSDS certificates and safety guidelines.  For example, click HERE to view the MSDS for Linalool.

Terpene Definition

Terpenes (a.k.a. 'Terps') exist in many living organisms. At the molecular level these are ISOPENES.  Because Terpenes are molecules- there source is unimportant.  The Myrene Terpene from a Mango is identical to the Myrene Terpene in cannabis is identical to the Myrene Terpene in Beer Hops. Terpenes are identical irregardless of which plant they were derived from. It's good to know that Terpenes are a large and diverse class of organic compounds, produced by a variety of plants. Science has determined TERPENES account for aroma & taste & have positive affects on our body!  This is pure plant power! Terpene molecules waif into our olFactory system and our body processes them.  Certain terpene molecules have anti-inflammatory properties!!  Certain terpene molecules have elevated mood properties!! 


Whether you smoke flower or vape- use TrueTerpenes to enhance your experience . The taste, essence and body effects are created by natural Terpenes!  With modern advances in technology these Terpenes are available to YOU.   By adding signature TrueTerpene PROFILES You will be pleasantly surprised how this REVOLUTIONIZES your experience.

Don't miss out.  

Get TrueTerpenes TODAY.  
Click on the pictures below to jump to the TrueTerpene Catalog. 

Directions for Use:  
Add 1 drop of your favorite TrueTerpeneProfile to 1 gram of flower/ dab/ concentrate/ CBD oil/ distillate/ .  Your favorite experience ...every time!
the SAMPLE PACK of Profile. That's .5ml of 8 Profiles.

Distinguished Consumer: 
the FULL PACK of Profiles.  That's 2ml. of each Profile.

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